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Dry Erase Film

Flexible Whiteboard


Pantech Dry Erase Film is a Flexible White Board, made of plastic film coated with a special resin layer. It can be easily written or drawn with traditional dry erase markers, and easily erasable with tissue paper or cloth, just like that of traditional rigid whiteboard.

In addition, it is flexible and portable, can be easily cut into any size, any shape, or wrapped into a roll form. It can easily stick on any surface with a double side tape or packaging tape or adhesive, and fixed even on a non-flat or circular surface. It can also be back side self-adhesive coated or with magnet.


Feature and Usage:

Portable white board, to demonstrate or give a lecture anywhere, anytime.

Sign board, memory board of any size, any shape at any surface in office, factory, school, home and any place.

Mural wall for children or Discussion board at passage.

Repair of your old rigid whiteboard, or overlay on the chalkboard

Writable projection board, write on and erase.

Writable Overlay on any printed surface.

With permanent self-adhesive to make a Dry Erase Board.

With removable self-adhesive to stick, demo and take away anywhere.

With magnet to adhere to metal surface and remove easily.



Catalog No.


FC 50



White PP

Clear PET

White PET


0.11 mm



Tensile Strength

4.5 kg/in.

18 kg/in.

18 kg/in.


40 %

70 %

70 %

With removable adhesive FP100A FC50A FW50A
With permanent adhesive FP100H FC50H FW50H
With magnet FP100M FC50M FW50M

                   Remarks: Use with dry erase markers only.