class 100 coating foundry,      since 1984

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 Factory, 1994

  Factory, 2006

ISO 9001:2015


Stage 1






April 1984

Established with capital NT. 1.5 million

Located at Tuchen, Taipei

Machine No. 1 for printed stationery tape


Production of OPP Laminating tape

November, 1986

Investment of the Lutsu factory, Taoyuan

January, 1987

Change the company to incorporative structure 

Change of the Managing Director to Mr. C. C. Chen

Increase capital to NT. 5 Million


Stage 2

Lutsu Factory



July, 1987

Move to Lutsu factory, Taoyuan

Machine No. 2 established


Production of PET electrical tape, with UL recognition.

October, 1991

Investment of the Yangmei factory, 1,575M



stage 3


Yangmei Factory


May, 1994

Factory and company moved to Yangmei , Taoyuan

Increase capital to NT. 12 million

Machine No. 3 established


Production of Clean Tape for PCB industry

August, 2005

Sold out of Machine No. 2

January, 2006

Machine No. 5 established in class 100 clean room.

Production of Optical protection film, release film, hard coat, etc., as a clean coating foundry.


February, 2007

ISO 9001 approved


April, 2009

President Chen elected as Chairman of Adhesive Tape Council, Taiwan, April 2009 ~March 2011

Production of UV Dicing Tapes



Production of Anti-acid protection film for TP glass



Built a new slot die coater.


2018 Q3

Production of Griding Tapes