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Differential Adhesion Optical Double Side Film


PanTech DSH23 Low Adhesion Silicone Double Side Film is made of 23µPET film one side coated with low adhesion silicone adhesive, and a strong acrylic adhesive on backside. It is a laminating film for converters to laminate on back side of your optical film to get the silicone adhesive layer easily for mirror film, Safe Guard film, etc.

It is RoHS and Halogen free.




Catalog No. DSH23
Base Film 23µPET
Tensile Strength 9 kgs/in.
Elongation 90 %
180° Peel Adhesion, Silicone adhesive 0~2 g/in.
90° Peel Adhesion, Silicone adhesive 6~8 g/in.
Liner, Silicone adhesive side 50µPET
180° Peel Adhesion, Acrylic adhesive > 800 g/in.
Liner, Acrylic adhesive side 25µPET
Transmittance 88 %
Color clear