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Clean PET release liner


                Pantech Clean room class PET release liner is made of PET film coated with silicone release agent in a clean room coater. It is clean, with stable release, good residual adhesion with various kinds release ranges. It can also single coated, double coated, with antistatic, hard coat etc. It is most suitable for clear labels, liners for protective film, for cast film for green sheets, and as separator films.


Catalog No.



25µ PET


Release force, slow

10 g/in.   

Tesa 7476, 0.3 M/min.

Residual adhesion

> 90 %

Tesa 7476, 0.3 M/min.

Release agent

solvent type silicone


up to 1,300mm


Nomenclature: R: single side release, 2R:double release, AS:anti-static, H: hard coat


25µ PET single release coated, 10 g/in release force


36µ PET double release coated, 30 g/in release force


50µ PET single release and anti-static coated


75µ PET single release and hard coated