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PO Dicing Tape PO703



PanTech PO Dicing Tape PO703 is a non- UV dicing tape for the holding of silicon wafer or LED module during dicing and grinding operation, and easy removal of the cut pieces. It is made of extension-able PO film with acrylic adhesive, self wound without liner. It is RoHS free and halogen free.


Cat. No.

PO 703

Film Thickness

0.085 mm

Adhesive Thickness 0.015 mm
Total Thickness 0.100 mm
Peel Adhesion 140 g/in.
Color milky
Tensile Strength 5.5 kg/in.
Elongation 500%
Adhesive Acrylic
Liner self wound, without liner
Standard Width 1,000mm
Standard Length 100M