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Polyester tape, Silicone adhesive



PanTech polyester silicone tape, is made of polyester backing coated with silicone adhesive. It can be used in the PCB masking process with high temperature resistance, and used for fixing the doors of fridges, CD player covers, and in the powder coating process, etc. It is also widely used in the splicing application of silicone release paper and photo film splicing in the automatic photo-processing machine.

It is RoHS free and halogen free.



Catalog Number

PT V 84

PT V 845

Backing Thickness


0.050 mm

Total Thickness

0.055 mm

0.080 mm

Tensile Strength

9.5 Kg / in.

22 Kg / in.


100 %

100 %

Adhesion to steel

800 g. /in.

800 g./ in.


Silicone adhesive


Polyester film (PET)

Adhesion to silicone release paper

> 150 g. /in.

Temperature resistance, months, years 130XC
Temperature resistance, minutes, hours 155XC
Standard length 33 M
Standard width Up to 960mm
Colors Clear, light green, light blue