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PVC UV Dicing TAPE,   PT-185


          PanTech PT-185 is a PVC UV dicing tape, specially designed for long stripe LCD driver IC and thin flash IC wafer dicing use. It sustains an adequate adhesion during dicing and can turn to very low adhesion after UV exposure, then can easily peeled off from wafer without any residues or cracks. It can recover to original dimension after expansion.

       It is RoHS 2.0 free.



Catalog No.



PVC film

Thickness, substrate

0.08 mm

Thickness, adhesive

0.01 mm

Thickness, total

0.09 mm

Tensile Strength

5.0 kg/in.


220 %


0.05mm PET release liner

Adhesion, as received, to steel

150 g/in. (1.2N/20mm)

                   after UV365nm, 200 mJ/cm2

25 g/in. (0.2N/20mm)

standard width

1,200 M

standard length


Shelf life: 6 months, storage at dry cool space, avoid direct sunlight.