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UV TAPE  UB163-20


PanTech UB163-20, is an UV off tape, specially designed for deep-cutting process of LED modules, QFN chips, camera modules, package sawing singulations etc. It sustains no flying away during dicing, and can easily peeled off without residue after UV exposure.

It is RoHS and halogen free.



Catalog No.



expandable PO film

Thickness, substrate

0.14 mm

Adhesive thickness

0.02 mm

Thickness, total

0.16 mm

Tensile Strength

14 kg/in.


600 %


0.05mm PET release liner


To Steel



Adhesion, as received

1,500 g/in.



After UV365nm, 300 mJ/cm2

     20 g/in.



Shelf life: 6 months, storage in dry cool space and avoid direct sunlight.